Same power output Cheaper to run Environmental friendly Safe and Clean


What is LPG ?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a low-carbon-emiting hydrocarbon fuel used as a fuel in vehicles and heating appliances.


How Does It
Work ?

Your car engine is enhanced to use dual fuel, petrol and LPG without any loss of performance.


How Much
Does It Cost ?

Call us to get a quote. The cost of installation is recoverd by savings on fuel bills, up to 50%.


Optimus Motor Company

Established in 1995, Optimus LPG Gas Systems quickly became one of the countries leading specialist LPG conversion companies based in Leicester providing a customised solution in alternative fuelled vehicles. We cover mainly the private sector market with the expertise and track record in offering a uniquely convenient and personal service with highly competitive pricing.


Autogas vehicles emit less of carbon dioxide than petrol cars. In the event of a fuel spill, autogas quickly dissipates into the air. Thus, in contrast to petrol and diesel, there is never a risk of ground or water contamination.

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